Wedding Night

Allow us to spoil you on your happy day

The most exciting day in your life is probably your wedding day, so why not pamper yourself. After the preparations and not sleeping days and nights, you run around to photo shootings, to try on clothes, to send invitations and after the whole process your special day arrives. At the Spa Estate, we know that this process is exhausting, and the best way to recover from it is to spend your wedding night in a hotel.
Spending your wedding night in a hotel is an ideal place to rest after your wedding and to pamper yourself in a variety of pleasures the hotel offers. If you decide ahead of time to spend your wedding night in the hotel, you will have the option to arrange the room to suit your needs.
After their wedding, many people want to enjoy being alone with their loved one in opening this new chapter in their lives. Spending a wedding night in a hotel is an inexpensive and original concept. Before you begin your wedding journey in the hotel, it’s important you know what’s waiting for you at the Spa Estate: treatments of all kinds, a gourmet meal, Jacuzzi, sauna and more…
A wedding night in a hotel is the best way to start a new and important chapter in your life, such as marriage. At the Spa Estate we ensure you celebrate your wedding on a high level, in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, and enjoy every moment of your important day. Drink a glass of wine, indulge in a Jacuzzi, spoil yourselves with a treatment and you’ll feel on top of the world.

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